"Yahav Travels" is a series of books about a girl "Yahav" (2.5 years old) that went with her parents on their vacations.

The books describe what is happening on their vacations.

Flying, staying in a hotel etc.

    And more

This book prepares parents for what they will encounter, and to answer the questions that kids ask about vacations.


More to come:


"Yahav at the airport"

What happens at the airport terminal:

  • Check-in

  • Security

  • Passport control

  • Duty-free

  • Boarding

       And more


"Yahav goes on a ski vacation"

What happens on a ski vacation:

  • Ski clothes

  • Ski rental

  • Learning to ski

       And more


"Yahav goes camping"

What happens on a camping vacation:

  • Building a tent

  • Eating outdoors

  • By the fire

  • Sleeping

       And more



"Yahav goes on a big city vacation"

"Yahav goes on a road trip vacation"

"Yahav goes on a boat/ cruise / yacht vacation"



About the name Yahav


The name Yahav originates in the bible.


The word Yahav is mentioned in the Psalms of David.

instructing the believer to place his hopes and trust in the will of the Lord.


The meaning of the word Yahav is: will, hope, expectation, anticipation.


The origin of the name is also Aramaic, meaning “to give”. 



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