Many middle-class families with young kids enjoy traveling and going on vacations.



Some of your guests are families with kids

aged 2 – 6 years old.



Kids at this age start to talk and ask their parents many questions about what is happening around them in the hotel.


Their parents need to prepare them for what they will encounter, and to answer the questions that kids ask.



This is how I came to write these books.



My daughter Yahav asked me lots of questions about what is happening in the hotel when we arrived on our summer vacation.


I needed to explain what is going on around her and answer her questions (she had a lot of them).


 If you give some giveaways for your families guests, like wine/chocolates/fruits ext., you can add or switch for a children book.


With these books, you can promote

your hotels for families in the long-term




These books can be:


  • sell with your logo on the reception desk/room service/shop/ reservation center etc.


  • given as a giveaway for your families guests beside the wine/chocolates/fruits etc, or you can switch for a unique giveaway as a children book.

  • Supplied with your logo on the cover of the books or in every illustration inside the books.

  • Promoted among various segments of the population: 

      Mom and dad families

      2 mom families

      2 dad families

      Muslim families


      # can be illustrated to suit all types of segments

           and families.

  • Translated into numerous languages.



  • Added with:

          Painting booklet

          Drawing booklet

          Sticker booklet


          App games



  • Supplied as hardcover books, or paperback books, or board books, e-books.


  • Sold or handed out as part of a package with travel accessories for kids.



With these books, you can promote

your hotels for families in the long-term






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