The first time kids fly off on vacation with their parents, they ask a lot of questions during the flight.


This book prepares kids for what they will encounter on an overseas flight.


This book is intended for parents flying with young kids.


My daughter Yahav asked me lots of questions about what was happening around her during our summer vacation flight.

It was important to me to explain and answer her questions (she had a lot of them):

  • About fastening the seatbelt
  • About the pressure in our ears during take-off and landing
  • About the flight attendant’s trolley
  • Why are the toilets so small?
  • Why is the flush of the water in the toilet so noisy?

         And more!


This book prepares parents for encounters on the airplane and the questions kids ask during a vacation flight.


The book contains 39 pages in a soft cover book.


This book will be a great joy and fun for your next family vacation with your kids.

Yahav Flies Overseas

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